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Andrea B.~Toronto

I am currently going through a very challenging time and it feels like a whole lot of life major issues are coming down on me all at once. My response to it (and always has been) was self loathing, beating myself up, questioning my judgement and questioning my every move. Katherine helped me delineate what was my "stuff" and what was everyone else's. We have worked through my mental thought patterns (that seemed normal to me but were actually way off), we worked through pathologies (family patterns); and asking the difficult questions as to why I always interpret things the way I do and if there is any truth in them. Katherine has both the ability and gift to be able to point out, see and feel things that at times you are unable to point out, see and feel for yourself. I am on my way to becoming the individual I was always intended to be, I am doing the work and I am grateful that Katherine is a part of my process. Many blessings to you, I am grateful for you, and thank you.


Doris H. ~ North Carolina

Words cannot express my gratefulness and appreciation for the work that Katherine Searcy does. Her approach from the readings, chakra balancing to just simple conversations and gentle reminders to remain at peace in the midst of a storm have kept me sane and have allowed me to enjoy life in the moment. I have been ever so amazed at the way in which all of these things interweave so beautifully and become a statement from the universe that resonates so strongly with where I am. I have been blown away at her write-ups regarding what she has seen in her readings or as she does chakra balancing. Rereading these keep me grounded and have been an assurance that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. They have also helped me push past places where I normally would remain stagnant on my own. While our interaction is not within the same physical space, I feel close and connected energetically despite the many miles of distance. I am indeed thankful for her!

Danetta S. ~ Maryland

Reiki with Katherine is truly mystical.  She guides your body through a spiritual and emotional healing process, releasing feelings of burden, heaviness, and stuckness in your life.  You emerge physically grounded, emotionally healthy,  and connected with your true spiritual self.  She takes notes and debriefs with you, teaching you how to  maintain your spiritual well-being. 


Latrice C. ~ Maryland 

Katherine is amazing... she makes sure that your relaxed and calm by talking very softly. During my reiki session I was so relaxed and comfortable that I feel asleep and woke a new person.
Katherine ROCKS... she is an amazing Reiki instructor... She brakes each level down so that you will have the knowledge to practice Reiki.

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