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Welcome To Our Retreat Holiday Offers

Up to 75% off of our Retreat Programming to Support You in Curating Your 2024 Retreat Experience

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Have You Struggled with Creating Your Dream Retreat?

I feel like all retreat facilitators have been here.  Retreats can feels so intimidating because there are so many moving pieces. And let's not talk about the expense!  But there is a way to create more ease and flow into your retreat curation.

Run Rich Retreats is my signature program that supports current and future retreat facilitators in creating a transformative, safe, and sacred healing container for their clients to thrive.

I  have learned that retreats are healing art inspired by Spirit.  Once we learn to release control, we are able to heal WITH our clients and rest into our retreat experience.

RRR Curriculum

  • Module 1- Bringing the Divine Feminine in                                                                   Retreat Planning

  • Module 2- The ART of Selecting Your Aligned Location

  • Module 3 - Inviting the Divine Masculine: Pricing & Budget

  • Module 4- Inviting the Divine Masculine: Selling & Marketing

  • Module 5- Creating the Client Experience & Managing Group                                  Dynamics

  • Module 6- Aligning with Your Preferred Vendors & Expectation                                Management

  • Module 7- Protecting Yourself and Your Business

  • Module 8- Resting into the Retreat: Self Care for the Facilitator

Included in your program: retreat budget template, sample contract with waivers, retreat mood board

Use Coupon Code 'REBOOT' for 75% off the program, expires Nov 30

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Run Rich Retreats Creative Lab is this first of it's kind!

Join Me in Old San Juan,  Puerto Rico for 3 days of retreat curation!  Yes, you will come work with me hands on to create your retreat experience from start to finish!


Only 6 spots available!

May 26-29, 2024

$333 deposit, $300 biweekly payments includes accommodations, meals, and all workshops

Financing available via:

Klarna, Afterpay, Affirm

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