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Ready to Run Your Transformative Retreat is 2022? This workshop will give you the framework to plan, budget, and execute your healing retreat while providing the methodology for a cash infusion for your business.


Retreats are always such a special experience for the participants and the facilitator. However, they can also be a lot of work and quite expensive. Whether you are thinking of launching your first retreat and feel intimidated by all the components of an event of this scale or you've facilitated retreats but have not experienced sufficient financial compensation after all the hidden costs appear, this workshop is here to support you and nourish your business.


Presented by Katherine Searcy,
Integrative Retreat Facilitator & Coach

I love hosting retreats!  It's my most creative and exciting offer because it encompasses all of my joys:  travel, great food, beautiful excursions, and collective healing.  However, my 15 years of planning and facilitating all types of retreats from church, to corporate to health and wellness has not always been the greatest experience on the business side.   I have experienced moments of extreme exhaustion during and after a retreat, times where I had Zero profit after planning an amazing journey for women and sometimes found myself talking a financial hit.   Through trial and error, I have found the alignment necessary to budget, plan, and facilitate a retreat offer that can be an ultimate cash infusion into your business while nourishing your clients as well as yourself.   This shift has resulted in soul'd out retreats in less than 2 weeks, 4-5 figure profits, and experiences for my clients that our truly transformative.  This is what I'm teaching to you in our Run Rich Retreat Workshop!

Green Plants
Received a lot of information that will make it less stressful in the start of hosting retreats...Please continue to do these workshops and please consider an advanced workshop.

~ Whitney R.
Informative helped me zero in on my future goal and how to go about it quick response after signing up and follow-up...The community it brought together like minded people.

~ Alexis H.

Who Is This Workshop For?

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What Can You Expect to Learn from this Workshop?

  • We will discuss the different types of retreats you can offer based on your target goals, business structure, and experience you desire to create.

  • How to choose your retreat location and venue to accommodate your needs with ease

  • Tips to create the ideal client experience that will reinforce client retention

  • The basics of creating budget that will support your retreat's success while injecting a cash flow into your business

  • Strategies on pricing your retreat experience

  • How to create a healing and transformative experience through workshops, sacred spaces, and excursions.


"I thank you for your follow up questions with my process via IG, I have stepped back and really looked at all the conversations I shared my idea with and yours hits heavier on my heart than others and seeing your IG conversations, the group chat and the pivoting of your business, has allowed me to check myself and really sit with spirit and ask what's truly right now, in this season.


I'm nervous but excited nervous. This is the biggest leap I am taking this quarter/in life. I say all of this to say that you are amazing and your light has helped and your shares unlock hidden potential within others. You are where you're supposed to be."


— Britt James

Katherine appears to have extensive knowledge on facilitating retreats. Her presentation was organized and engaging. And the informal networking/community (a super plus) made for a productive and valuable experience. Everyone was genuinely supportive and I'm sure left feeling energized and equipped with foundational knowledge to lead a retreat.... It was perfect mix! Interactive, fun, sense of community and valuable content.

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— Adia Burns

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