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Image by David Clode
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This is a call to all the Sagittarians who are ready to explore and push past their self perceived edges and move into the next level of their co-creative reality!  Therefore, we are going to balance and harmonize our masculine and feminine energy by creating healthy narratives around risk taking and exploring our edges while moving intuitively from our feminine seat.


A creative compound for creatives to birth their highest vision. 

Let's spend 6 days, 5 nights of transformation in the beaches

and jungle of Tulum, Mexico connecting the energetically aligned souls as we do a deep dive into our highest vision to 

serve our passion with abundant confidence.


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Katherine Searcy, M.Div, LICSW is an Intuitive Integration Mentor who is dedicated to seeing women fulfill their vision of freedom and passion. She teaches the tools and spiritual practices she used to quit her Healthcare career of over 10 years to create her vision of a full time 6 figure practice where she is able to travel, work and play.

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A program for the visionaries who want to learn how to run rich retreats from The Retreat Maven herself! 

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